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7 Days of Family Fun
Mission Beach Vacation Journal


Saturday-The kids couldn’t wait to hit the surf our first day at Mission Beach. We picked up some boogie boards from the Adventure Center and headed for the beach. We sunbathed, built sand castles and rode the waves on the boogie boards until we were exhausted. It was so nice to have our vacation home only yards away, so we could head back for bathroom breaks and lunch. We barbecued dinner, watched the sun set into the Pacific Ocean from our patio and rested up so we’d be ready for another day of fun. It’s hard to believe all the amenities of home we have, and we’re saving so much money compared to a hotel stay!

Sunday—We had so much fun boogie boarding on Saturday that we decided to take it up a notch and sign up for surfing lessons. I really didn’t think I’d be able to stay upright on a surfboard, but by the time the Surfari instructor was done, we were all able to catch some waves. We surfed until lunch in our condo, then went out for some more! What an exhilarating experience!

Monday—It was off to Legoland. The kids were amazed at all the Lego creations and are anxious to get their Legos out when we get back home. The rides at Legoland were perfect for kids—not the intense rides that so many theme parks feature. It was just great family fun. Can you believe it—whole cities made of Legos?!

Tuesday—There was too much to see at the San Diego Zoo for just one day. The Pandas were my favorite, but the kids loved the lions and tigers. We took the shuttle tour around the zoo, then got out and explored on our own. It was such a great experience to see all the animals and learn about their natural habitats.

Wednesday—The kids don’t even realize how much they are learning while on vacation! We spent the day visiting Old Town San Diego, where we saw how life was lived in the 1800s. There were old buildings and buildings made to look old. We learned that San Diego became the first Spanish settlement in 1769 when a mission and fort were built.

Thursday—Today was all about Naval history. We went to the USS Midway Museum. The aircraft on the flight deck were dwarfed by the 1000+ foot long carrier. Each propeller weighs 22 tons! When it was in service, the ship had a crew of 4,500—a small city on the sea.

Friday—It was off to SeaWorld. More education disguised as fun…The rides were awesome, the exhibits were wonderful and the shows were great. I wish we had a two-week vacation so we could spend more time and see it all. Our favorite was definitely the Wild Arctic Adventure, but we loved Shamu too!


Our week at the beach ended, but we will be back. Now that we know how affordable it is to stay in a vacation rental, it will be an annual trip. We may even look into buying a vacation home next time we come. We are going to miss the beautiful sunsets and waking to the sound of the surf. We are already making a list for our next adventure—Balboa Park, Cabrillo National Monument, the Mission de Alcala, Scripps Aquarium…